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It is believed that a small child takes all your free time and a young mother often does not have time for herself, her beloved husband, household activities.
Recently in our country there were special backpacks for carrying the child. They are also called “kangaroo”. You can freely go about your business without leaving the baby alone. This backpack is very convenient for walking, when it is impossible to take a stroller, and especially for home use.

Basic rules

At first glance it seems that this situation is terribly inconvenient and even dangerous for kids. In fact, it is not. The child is in limbo that does not give an extra load on the spine.
In the West, several generations grew up in the backpacks. And, incidentally, they do not suffer from curvature of the spine.
In order not to cause harm to the baby, it is necessary to observe a few simple rules.
“Kangaroo” must comply with the child’s age.
The child must be held tightly to her mother, not a talker.
Belts should not rub baby’s skin.
You need constantly to check the reliability of the bindings.


There are several ways of carrying the child in “kangaroo”. Everything depends on the age of the child and what you are going to do.
Face. This method is suitable for very small children, during most of the time sleep. In this position, the baby will see your face and hear the heartbeat.
Back. When a baby is a little older, it will be much more interesting to look at the sides, than cling to your chest.
Face-to-back. In such situation it is much more convenient and safe to cook, iron, and do other household activities. Of course, in order to put the baby on your back, you need a certain skill.
Back to back. Personally, I like this method best. By using “kangaroo” in this way I could, without any distractions, sit at the computer.

How to choose a “kangaroo”?

From 0 to 3 months
These models are designed for newborns who are not yet able to hold their own head. These kangaroos are quite strong with a high back.
From 3 months to a year
They are smaller and have a soft back. They provide child with a freedom of movements.
Multifunctional from birth to a year
This kind of “kangaroos” are suitable both a newborn and older children. These models are sufficiently dense back with a detachable or folding top.
When purchasing you must pay attention to the following details.
Width of belts. They must be sufficiently broad and dense. Otherwise, under the weight of the baby belts will slide and rub your back.


Fasteners must be fitted in such a way so that you yourself have to unbutton them.
The presence of pocket. Some models are equipped with a special pocket on the outside of the back. It is possible to put a pacifier, napkin, rattle, everything that should always be at hand.
Possibility of regulation. Kid grows very quickly; you constantly have to adjust the straps. Adjusting straps should not take much time, because you will perform this process several times a day. Length of the belt depends on the amount of clothing on you, and from where you will be wearing a baby – front or rear. These elements must be small and do not rub the skin.
Material. It is better to give preference to easily washable fabrics.
Kids constantly regurgitate, and you have to regularly wash “kangaroo”.
By the way, fathers can also carry children in “kangaroos”. Many men really like it.


Kid is constantly pressed to her mother and feels safe.
Child sees much more than lying in bed and it contributes to his/her development.
Mother will always have a great posture.
This is a good way to lose weight after giving birth.
Mother’s hands are free, and she can take care of business.

The older the child, the greater the load on the mother’s back.
You must move with extreme carefulness.
When the baby is hungry, he begins to get nervous, because he is very close to the breasts, but cannot reach them.

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