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You can easily get your precious little one to be the center of attraction this Easterby dressing your baby up in a cute costume designed especially for babies. In fact, there are numerous designs available when you walk in to any baby clothing store.
According to legends, the Easter Bunny will bring toys, colored eggs and candies to well-behaved boys and girls on the eve of each Easter. Little children will get very excited at the colorful gifts they receive on this special day. Now, to add to the joyous celebration, why not let your precious little one become a lovely and adorable Baby Bunny?
As parents, it is understandable that you will want to dress your little bundle of joy up in a beautiful costume. This Easter should not be an exception and you can easily find lots of ideas on how you should dress your precious little one up in the cutest way possible so that he or she will be the most attractive baby bunny in the crowd!
Since rabbits and hares are the main highlight during Easter and they are also very adorable creatures, bunny costumes are in great demand all year around. As such, you can easily get a beautiful and attractive bunny costume for your little one from any wholesalers or retailers. Due to the fierce competition all around, designers are constantly coming up with new bunny costumes designs to attract parents.
To ease your task at making a suitable selection from the dazzling array of choices available in the market, let me now introduce to you just a few of the bunny costumes that you can get for your baby.
1. Pink Bunny Infant Costume
If your baby girl is between the ages of 6 months to 18 months old, you may want to consider getting the Pink Bunny Infant costume for her. Your precious little girl will be kept warm by this pink fur jumpsuit that comes with a matching headpiece as well as a rattle to entertain her. The attached pinkish and furry ears as well as white pompom on the headpiece will attract her attention as well as everybody else’s and she will love to wear it everywhere she goes.
One advantage of dressing your baby up in a jumpsuit is that you can be sure she is well-protected from the cold and her diaper is also well hidden. This is definitely a good deal at the low price that you will be paying for. Don’t worry if you have a baby boy instead because the same set is available in blue as well.
2. Cozy Little Bunny Cape Costume
The Cozy Little Bunny Cape costume is available in both infant and toddler sizes. Since this bunny costume is basically a hood with long rabbit ears, your one-time purchase is likely to last for a few years without worries that your darling will outgrow it too soon. You simply have to tie it around your little one’s shoulder so it does not matter if it appears a little short after a few years. It will still look very attractive on your child. You can have lots of fun taking Easter pictures with your little one in different poses with the cape. It is definitely well-worth the price that you are paying. Moreover, it can be machine washed easily so there will not be any hassle.
3. Plush Bunny Child Costume
The Plush Bunny Child costume is a very attractive pink and white bodysuit that is made of ultra soft micro fiber so you do not have to worry about your baby being allergic to the material. It comes with a matching bunny hood so your baby will stand out from the crowd when dressed in one of these costumes on Easter. This bunny costume is available in X-small, small and toddler sizes. Maintenance is also hassle free as you can simply machine wash it.
4. Bunny Suit, Child Costume
The Bunny Suit, Child Costume is something for your bigger sized toddler or slighter older child. This one-piece jumpsuit is made of plush so your child will feel very comfortable when dressed in it. Purchase of the costume also comes with a character hood, mitts and shoe covers. The pink pompom at the backside of the costume will make the little bunny even more real-like as your child hops around in the costume. Your child will have great fun with this costume during your Easter celebrations!
With so many ways you can dress your precious little one up, you will definitely have a lot of fun this Easter.

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