This summer, it's time to give your hair a light, playful touch through beautiful curls. Whether you opt for the rather laid-back, soft and relaxed version or for the chic and groomed one, curly hair is this season's hottest trend. You can create fabulous bouncy curls using a curling iron or heated rollers. If you havenatural curls, make the most of them by adding some curling gel and use a diffuser attachment to dry your hair. Summer seems to be the best season for you to embrace and enhance the beauty of your curls applying a shine spray.

  • Using bobby pins to curl your hair may not be a popular method nowadays, yet it was highly used before curling irons and rollers appeared. If you want a head full of pin curls, you should start on slightly damp hair. Apply some gel and choose some plastic bobby pins in order to avoid damaging your hair or scalp. Next, continue by taking a small hair section, twist it around two fingers and secure it into place against the scalp with bobby pins. Continue the process and do the same with the rest of the head. Remove pins when your hair is dry and spritz some hairspray to hold.