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When preparing for your baby, one of the most joyful experiences that you will have is purchasing all of those cute, tiny outfits. However, try to resist stuffing your baby’s closet with dozens of outfits. Quite often, the more adorable an outfit is, the more impractical it is. Trying to get a tiny, fragile, squirming baby into a frilly, lacy frock is borderline impossible. Also, keep in mind that your baby will grow quickly. If you buy too many newborn clothes, chances are, your baby won’t even get the chance to wear many of them before they are outgrown.
  • Below are several tips for sensibly choosing your newborn’s wardrobe.
  • Buy three undershirts. Get the kind that have snaps on the side and open on the front. These are great for the first couple of weeks. They are easy to put on your newborn and they won’t rub against his umbilical stump.
  • Buy about 10 onesies. These are appropriate once the umbilical stump falls off. These won’t ride up or wrinkle under your baby and are typically more comfortable for her than the undershirts. These are also good for colder weather because they won’t ride up and expose your baby’s tummy.
  • Get about five sleepers with feet. These will keep your baby’s feet warm without trying to wrestle socks onto tiny, kicking feet. Sleepers with zippers are the most convenient for frequent diaper changes.
  • Purchase six nightgowns with elastic bottoms. The easy open bottoms make those late night diaper changes a bit easier. Once your baby starts moving around, these become less practical because they tend to ride up.
  • Get a couple of blanket sleepers. These will keep your baby warm without using a heavy blanket or comforter. Avoid using blanket sleepers after your baby reaches 5 months of age.
  • Buy about three hats for your newborn. Babies lose a lot of body heat from their heads. Newborn babies should wear caps or hats to prevent too much heat loss.
  • Get several pairs of socks. You need several pairs because you will lose several. You’ll lose them in the grocery store, the parking lot and your clothes dryer will eat a ton. Baby socks are tiny so once they are lost, they tend to stay lost.
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