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Loose wavy hairstyles are the newest hot trend when it comes to hair so learn how to add fabulous hair waves through your tresses by taking a peek at the following steps!
How to Style Loose Wavy Hairstyles

It seems that this season the new hairstyling trend is to create fabulous loose waves into the hair as loose wave hairstyles look amazing and bring naturalness and sexiness into one, which means any woman can benefit from this fabulous hair style as long as the hair has the necessary length.
This year and especially this fall/winter season, loose wave hairstyles dominated the hair styling industry and you can easily observe why; pure innocence, sexiness and elegance all together ensure you will capture all the attention.

Learning how to create a fabulous loose waves hairstyle is not difficult, with the right hair styling tools, products and a little bit of practice, you will be able to style these gorgeous waves through your hair in no time. Because following the right steps is a must if you want to obtain the perfect result, we have put together the main steps to consider when choosing this type of hair style:

Wash your hair using a mild shampoo to ensure your fabulous new hairstyle will look amazing for longer. Condition your hair as usual and final rinse the hair using cold water to lock the moisture in. Wrap your head in a clean tower and allow the towel to absorb the excess water before you move to the next step.

Step 2
After about 5 minutes remove the towel and apply some volumizing hair styling mousse through your hair so it receives the right amount of body. The hair styling mousse will actually act as a base for the stylish hair waves, as without it the waves might gradually fade under the hairs weight.

Step 3
Apply some thermal protection spray on your tresses and blow-dry the hair. The thermal protection will help protect the hair against potential damage caused by the heated air flow given off by the blow dryer.

Step 4
After your hair is completely dry, section your hair and using a curling iron, start creating the hair waves. For the loose end-waves, you'll have to work from mid-lengths down. Clip the curling iron's tongue on a hair strand starting around ear-level. Wind the remaining hair around the curling iron's barrel leaving the ends out. After about 30 seconds unwrap the hair and release the grip of the curling iron. Repeat the same process on all your hair.

Step 5
To finish and give your hair a more natural, relaxed look, take a little bit of texturizer hair product in your hand and rub it between your palms. Take different hair strands and rub the ends between your hands to give it a lovely finish.

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