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Alternative Long Straight Hairstyle

Alternative Long Straight Hairstyle
Alternative Long Straight Hairstyle

Alternative long straight hairstyles are daring, bright, fun, geometric and exaggerated. Often anything goes with an alternative hairstyle. Long straight looks vary from geometric shapes and defined lines to big smooth updos in very dark or light colors that add intensity and attract attention. They are a good choice for those looking for something different, but beware because most long styles will take some work to change and dark colors could result in damaged hair.

This bright and bold 'do is layered all through the back and sides allowing the highlights to seep through the main color for a brilliant look. This style is blow-waved smooth along with the bangs which frame the top of the face for a fantastic finish.

    * Hair Category: Alternative
    * Hair Length: Long
    * Hair Elasticity: Straight


    * Gender: Women
    * Face Shape: Oval, Oblong, and Diamond
    * Hair Density: Thin/Medium
    * Hair Texture: Fine/Medium
    * Age: Under 21, 21 - 30, and 31 - 40
    * Height: Any
    * Weight: Thin/Average/Large
    * Glasses: Suits with and without
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