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How to Do the Boho Head Band Look,Boho Head Band ,Boho Head Band

The bohemian fashion trend evolved from the beauty and fashions of the 1970s. The modern take on bohemian fashion is vests, peasant skirts and dresses, along with accessories such as head bands. The boho head band look is different from traditional head bands, which are usually made of cotton fabric in patterns of any kind, floral, plain or plaid. The difference between boho headbands and regular headbands is the way you wear them.


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      Hold a cloth headband in both of your hands. Put it on your head so it's across your forehead and straight to the back of your head. Slip the back of the headband onto the crown of your head. Pull the headband down so its front rests on the front of your forehead. If you have bangs, the headband should go over them.
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      Arrange your hair around the sides of your face. Sweep bangs over to the side, rather than letting them hanging straight down.
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      Run styling cream through your hair. Apply a small amount to the tips of your fingers and rake through gently, tousling the hair.
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