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Beautify Your Hair With Headband

Great Girls Headband Hairstyles in 2011
Beautify Your Hair With Headband

2011 Anne Hathaway Headband Hairstyle Photo
Beautify Your Hair With Headband

Many ways to look elegant romantic. One way is to beautify your crown, decorated with a headband or a Greek goddess-style headband. Hollywood celebrities such as Halle Berry and Anne Hathaway, too often appeared with this hairdo. Even at Valentino’s Haute Couture fashion show last Fall 2011-2012, the models appear attractive with a headband, metallic colors.

Anne Hathaway Headband Hair Cuts for 2011
Beautify Your Hair With Headband

Sweet Women Headband Hairstyles 2011
Beautify Your Hair With Headband
Beautiful Women Headband Hair Styles
Beautify Your Hair With Headband

“Whenever you wear a metallic color on the hair, the face will make your eyes brighter and more radiant. It’s like wearing a diamond earring,” says Nathaniel Hawkins, a hairdresser, as quoted from
With the metallic colors your display will be more elegant, classical as well as brighter. Moreover, if combined with gentle color dress. It never hurts to try to decorate the hair with a metallic headband. Just follow these three steps.
1. Using fingertips, apply mousse to the hair. Shape into slightly wavy hair, could use a hot iron or round brush.
2. After the mousse is rather dry, trim the longer hair using your fingers. Pull your hair half back, and leave hair in the front. Let your hair down the front of the natural.
3. Wear a headband. and use a small clip behind the ears to stick with the hair. You can let your hair loose or tied back. If tied, wrap the hair on the bond to make it look natural and neat. To set this up just use your fingers. Good luck!

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