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Do Wrong Ways Hair Washing,Ways Hair Washing,Hair Washing

We used to do wash your hair every other day. Surprisingly, many people still choose the wrong shampoo or washing. In fact, proper hair care is necessary, considering we are always exposed to the air conditioning, sun and UV rays, dust, and pollution, which makes the hair becomes dull.

Hair expert Anton Gozal said, when choosing a shampoo to shampoo, first identify what your hair type. Is the normal hair, dry, oily, or colored hair. For oily hair, for example, select the function to clean the scalp. If the hair is dry, use a shampoo on the hair shaft only.
Then, also select products tailored to their daily activities. For example, you are doing a lot of outdoor activities usually have hair that looks dull and dry. Therefore, excessive sun exposure can reduce the moisture content of hair. They are often coloring hair with permanent dye can damage the hair cuticle so the hair looks more dry and rough. For that, use a shampoo that can restore moisture and luster to the hair.
Anton also confirmed that shampooing every day is also safe to do so, because it’s been a lot of shampoo products are safe to wear every day. Shampoos typically use natural ingredients, so it does not make hair dry.
Shampooing the correct way, pour the shampoo, then rubbed on the scalp first, then the hair shaft. Give a massage while shampooing, because massage is important to stimulate the circulation of air.
Furthermore, if necessary you can use a conditioner. Conditioner should only be rubbed on the hair shaft and ends, rather than on the scalp. Applying conditioner to the scalp only cause scalp back dirty, and you should shampooing back.

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