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Hair Care Hair Mask,hair mask,hair treatment,hair care,hair masks

Hair care is very important especially for you women who often experiment with hair must have hair problems like hair loss, branched and dry. As a result, the hair loses its natural moisture and look dull, branched and redness. One hair care that you can try is the hair mask.

Treatment hair mask serves to coat the cuticle on the hair shaft after experiencing a chemical process (painting, curling, straightening), lifting dead skin cells skin head, stimulate new hair growth, and increase elasticity to the hair, nourishes the hair is dry and strengthens hair roots.
Unlike spa treatments or hair cream bath, hair mask do not use massage techniques, but only massaged throughout the hair mask hair, wrapped a towel or silenced by the steam and then rinsed with warm water. Options for hair mask treatment increasingly diverse, that black chocolate, strawberry yogurt, mint sorbet, orange, Mud, you can choose according to the condition of your hair.
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