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Boho hair styles..

There are two things to avoid when it comes to boho hair- styles, they are, head pieces (tiara or around the head, halo type bands), and braids that look like they belong on a 5 year old girl, not a grown woman! 
Braided halo type head bands have been all the rage over the past year or so, and rarely have i seen anyone pull it off. This look is unnatural, and makes most people look over the top, and like their trying too hard, in the name of fashion. Braids of your own hair wrapped around the head in a similar fashion look much better. Less is usually more when it comes to braids also. Avoid braids surrounding your face, as this could cause you to look a little girlish rather than womanly, which will look good on few people. Although if your in your 20's your might still be able to get away with it.
The essential item to creating boho hair is either a curling iron, or a hair straightener, as the basics of boho hair is waves. This is a simple procedure which shouldn't take long, you can do it with a straightener by wrapping your hair around it, and holding it in place for 5-20 seconds. (Depending on the heat of the straightener). This hair style is a good option if you can't really be bothered doing doing your hair, but you kind of have to!

For another style requiring minimal effort, but a little more interesting, try wearing some up and some down. Don't try it with a simple hair tie, and it will most likely look scruffy. Use a long hair pin, bobby pins, or a flower clip.

The easiest way to wear a boho up-do is to divide your wavy hair into sections, and gradually pin it all up, bit by bit with bobby pins. This style is best for thin-medium thickness hair.If your hair is rather thick, it might not work so well with boho up-do hair-styles. But you could try using loads of hair-spray, and strong sturdy hair clips. 

For a braided bun style, make random, neat small braids in your hair as it is naturally. Do 3 or 4 on either side, tie the ends with a small non- grip rubber band. Gather your hair into a pony-tail, excluding the braids, and tye a rubber band around the end of your pony-tail. Take the end of your pony-tail, and roll it up like a chocolate log sponge cake, fasten the roll of hair to your head with bobby pins. Take the braids, pull them around towards the back of your head, and fasten into the rest of you hair with bobby pins.
If you have short hair, use a light moose or hair- spray and mess your hair up. Pin some up, or add a simple, elegant head- band to instantly beautify your messed up hair.
Very simple, and elegant head bands are great for adding instant boho to your look, so long as they don't wrap around your head in a halo way!
Wide, colorful head bands wrapped around the head are a good option for disguising damage on bad hair- days!

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