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How to Dress in Skinny Jeans,Skinny Jeans,fashion Skinny Jeans

Skinny jeans have been around since the 1950s, mostly worn by men because pants were not typically seen on women. Then in the 1960s, women like Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn began wearing pants, and those pants had a tapered leg. After the late '60s, the skinny jean got pushed aside and made way for bell-bottoms. The 1980s brought the return of the skinny jean and spandex. As trends go, the skinny jean did not last long into the 1990s. But, the jeans have now seen a revival, due to the popularity of '80s fashion. What makes this particular style popular is their versatility.


  1. The Look

    • 1
      Make sure the tapered leg is the right style for you. If one has larger hips or thighs, the skinny leg could give the allusion of a fuller frame.
    • 2
      Try on a skinny jean. Be sure movement is not hindered and you can sit comfortably in them.
    • 3
      Decide where you will be wearing the skinny jeans and then pick a top that will correspond appropriately. Skinny jeans can be worn casually with a T-shirt and cardigan, or dressy with silk blouse and tweed jacket.


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      Pick a shoe that represents the look. Does the top and jeans go better with flats, high heels or boots? It is important the shoe corresponds with the environment in which the jean is worn, as well as with the top.
    • 2
      Boots: The skinny jean works well when tucked into boots. In the winter, the skinny jean works well tucked into boots and worn with a heavy coat or sweater.
    • 3
      High heels: When worn with a heel, the skinny jean can appear to elongate and flatter the leg. The jean can be worn at night with a heel and dressy top.
    • 4
      Ballet flats: For a casual and comfortable look, wear the skinny jean with a T-shirt and sweater.
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