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Celebrities are the center of attention almost every minute of their lives. With that being known, a lot of designers and fashion gurus are always looking to snag a celebrity or two to showcase their clothing, jewelry, shoes and accessories. So basically, celebrities are icons and whatever they wear, fans want to wear and major designers know this. Now, many men and women stars have stylists that tell them what hairstyles to wear and what accessories to have (like they’re own personal engineer). Celebrity jewelry fashion is a big deal for many fashionistas out there. They’re always looking around for what’s chic and trendy. These days, it seems like white gold and other white metals are a hit because they compliment every skin tone nicely.
Marcia Cross
Charm bracelets are a big part of celeb jewelry fashions and you can find tons of them at reasonable prices. You can find them made with sterling silver or stainless steel, which are affordable metals. Other popular pieces are cuff bracelets and bangles, which can be purchased in a variety of styles and metal types. Choosing one that fits your taste and personality should be a piece of cake. Another popular piece of jewelry are engagement rings. Yes, these are probably one of the most expensive pieces that any engaged or married celebrity owns. They all are usually unique and chic, but let’s face it, many of us just can’t afford them. As an alternative, you can go for rings that don’t have real diamonds — go for semi-precious stones or even cubic zirconias.
Debra Messing
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