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Fashionable Women's Jewelry - The latest Trends in Casual Jewelry,womens Casual Jewelry

Fashionable Women's Jewelry - The latest Trends in Casual Jewelry,womens Casual Jewelry


Women are absolutely in love with jewelry. The many kinds of bracelets necklaces and earrings available on the market today prove it. When you want to enhance something about yourself you can do it with jewelry. The beauty of jewelry is that it has this way of telling a story about the person wearing it. From which finger you place a ring on, to what charms you add to your charm bracelet, your jewelry is as unique and personal as you are.

Bracelets, Bracelets, Bracelets!

In this article we will touch on women's jewelry, but our main focus will be on the many kinds of women's bracelets. We will dive into several kinds of bracelets and how they affect the people wearing them as well as the people who observe them on others.

Uses for Bracelets

Bracelets are used for everything from Identification of a diabetic patient, to identification of a person's passion. Bracelets can pass on a personal message in the wearer's heart and much more.
Bracelets have had a profound effect on people over the years and many people collect them to preserve memories of some of the good times in their lives, or to remember someone special.

The Different Kinds of Bracelets

Let's dive into the different types of bracelets that most people are indulging in and how their using them to make a statement.

Rubber Bracelets

Let's start out with the famous rubber bracelets. These are being worn by everyone from childhood to senior center. You will find these in a range of colors and designs but the most prominent thing about this type of bracelet is its ability to be customized.
It can carry just about any message you want and can look stylish doing it. People are wearing these for topics such as defending our troops with a yellow color to reflect the yellow ribbon and a message such as "Support Our Troops" and "Support Breast Cancer" which often come in pink.
One interesting use of these is in schools their being used for class elections as an advertisement vehicle. You can purchase these bracelets wholesale very easily with any message you want on them and people like wearing them so they make a great statement for getting a point across. Some people are wearing them with their own personal message on it or even their name at a singles party to break the ice.

----------- Charmed I'm sure ------------

The Diabetes Bracelet

When you face something as important as diabetes you can't afford to not be prepared for anything. You never know when your going to have a low sugar attack and may find yourself passed out somewhere where no one knows you have diabetes and doesn't know what to do. Wearing the diabetes bracelet is the best bet. If someone sees it they can call the paramedics and tell them your diabetic and paramedics can guide them on the phone as to what to do until they get there so you don't die.
It used to be you could only get functional diabetic bracelets but several companies have designed fashionable bracelets you can wear. They also have some innovative and cool medallion necklaces and shoe tags you can wear.

Beaded Bracelets

You can find these gems just about everywhere. The beaded bracelets are both great looking to buy and even more fun to make. You start off with a durable wire or plastic base that won't break and simply start stringing the beads onto the wire. You can find beads or even stones of many different types at the craft stores that you can use to make your own jewelry. Their are many types of bracelets you can make including loose fitting ones and rigid ones that use a wider plastic piece that you may actually glue the beads onto.

Maintenance and care of your bracelets

Your bracelet could be made of a vast range of different materials and pieces so their is no one way to keep them cleaned and maintained however you will want to do routine maintenance to assure your bracelet doesn't rust up or become clogged with dirt and bacteria. Generally once in a while you should if possible take it apart and clean the stones and the wire.
The easiest way to do this will be soaking it in a solution that won't harm the stones, beads or whatever materials your bracelet is made from. Do some research on the internet for your particular bracelets stones and parts and find out what the best solution to use for each is.
It would be best not to wear your jewelry in the spa or anywhere where their is chlorine or other additives in the water that could cause the bracelet to deteriorate or rust. Even the ocean water is highly concentrated with salt and could damage your bracelet. You should take good care of your bracelet and be cautious when wearing it when at work or cleaning house. You may bump your bracelet scratching or denting the pieces, or you may get soap or chemicals in between the bracelets parts which could deteriorate the wire holding it. Your bracelet could fall off one day and you may not notice it!
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