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How to Apply Blush, Blush tips,apply Blush

Blush is a cosmetic which not only enlivens the complexion but also optically improves incorrect or flawed facial proportions, in Ana’s case; we applied two shades of blush which helped us to increase the volume of the cheeks. A subtle sweep of the right blush shade will make you look healthy while the wrong shade will drain the color from your face. A subtle sweep of the right shade will also lift your cheekbones and enhance your face.

Appling the illumination blush: A light shade of blush with shimmering particles was applied in central points of the face.

The apples of the cheekbones:
In these areas, the light beams should be reflected; this guarantees a more spacious result in the make up, thanks to which the whole face, and especially the cheek areas, will gain more volume.
The temples and inner corner to the eyes:
An illuminating blush applied in there parts eliminated the shade areas very effectively, making the look fresh and shining.

Application of the contouring blush: The hollow under the zygomatic bone was underlined with a darker matter shade of blush in rusty color. Application of a darker blush in the hollow under the cheekbones emphasizes and raises the apples of the cheeks.

To finish, the lips were underlined with a transparent lip gloss in a rosy color which enlivened them discreetly. Because expressive eye make up was used, the lips remained subtle. The model’s lip shape did not require any correction; therefore its contour was only gently emphasized with a light, flesh colored lip pencil.

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