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how to do vanessa hudgens wavy updo,How to Get a Vanessa-Hudgens Style Haphazard Updo

how to do vanessa hudgens wavy updo,How to Get a Vanessa-Hudgens Style Haphazard Updo

Actress and singer Vanessa Hudgens occasionally favors haphazard updos for casual events and award shows. To complement her usually neutral makeup, she wears her hair elegantly pulled back and curly. Her messy updo looks feminine yet textured, and doesn't require pin straight hair to accomplish. You can pull off this look regardless of you natural hair texture. Neutral or glamorous makeup works with this hairstyle. Vanessa's updo can be created easily from your own home without a bevy of hairstylists.


    • 1
      Comb a heat protectant spray through your hair.
    • 2
      Curl 2-inch-wide sections of hair clockwise around a curling wand. Hold the hair for five seconds and then release. Pin the curl in place with bobby pins. Do this for the entire head of hair.
    • 3
      Wait 10 minutes after pinning all of the curls in place for them to cool. Release all of your hair from the bobby pins.
    • 4
      Run your fingers through the finished curls and begin to tease random sections of your hair. To tease properly, place the comb against your hair about 2 inches away from the root. Comb downward toward the root two or three times. Do not tease anymore than three or four random sections.
    • 5
      Make a poof at the front of your head by pulling a 3-inch-wide section of hair from the front center above the forehead, twisting the ends to pin them to the crown of the head. Once the poof is secured, begin pinning hair section by section away from the face. The sections should be only about 1 1/2 inches wide.
    • 6
      Pin the ends of your hair to your head once you've pinned all of your hair back away from your face. You will be left with a slightly messy updo. Pull random wisps of hair to the front to make it more messy.
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