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How to Wear the Latest Trends in Jewelry

How to Wear the Latest Trends in Jewelry

Accessorizing the latest trends in jewelry with your personal fashion tastes can be a tricky endeavor. Staying up-to-date on the latest jewelry trends without making a fashion faux pas requires integrating new looks into your personal style carefully and seamlessly. To pull this off, pay careful attention to the following instructions on how to wear fashion jewelry 

trends in a way that works for you.

Wearing the Latest in Jewelry:

  1. Jewelry trends, like apparel trends, changeas each new season approaches, and choosing new fashion jewelry is a fun and easy way to update your wardrobe. One way to incorporate new styles into your look is to pick just two or three statement pieces that reflect the best of a trend. If the current look is bright and gaudy, choose a shiny, oversized bracelet or pendant. When the fashion mood turns to classic, conservative looks, return to staples, like pearl earrings or delicate chains, or try some vintage jewelry, such as chokers, brooches and hair pins. Wear one trendy piece at a time so that your outfit will be chic not cluttered.
  2. Jewelry that represents your style and personality is a jewelry trend to always follow. The key to finding your own niche in a trend is to choose jewelry that says something about you, like a special brooch or ring with gems in your favorite color of the season. When a style comes along that you really love, try to find one spectacular piece to keep as your signature jewelry -- the items you'll wear for years. Consider spending a little more on this jewelry, because if it looks great on you, you'll find ways to wear it no matter how much fashion changes.
  3. Try out an inexpensive version first if you aren't sure if a jewelry trend will work with your style. For example, if you are considering a pair of oversized hoop earrings, you could try a sterling silver pair first. Then, if you like the size and shape, you could invest in a pricier pair of 18k gold hoop earrings.
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